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I don’t do as much touring (yet) as my buddy, Chris 2. However, I really get a kick out of his new blog and the updates he posts. I’ve been up north in the Pittsburgh area for a good 10 days now and I fly back home to Texas tomorrow so I’ve been killing all of my time in a little vegetarian/vegan restaurant where Roger works and I figured that I’d fill you in on recent happenings on my end.

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing and the whole photo updates thing for awhile, but since there hasn’t been a lot of tour life happening, I figured I’d do my best to find interesting enough stuff to blog about.  Maybe there are some White Wives fans out there that think I’m slightly cool. 

Anyway, off we go with the pictures.

1. I flew into Pittsburgh from my home in McQueeney, TX on the 12th.  Getting scooped by Tyler at the airport, we met up with Chris Head and his dog, Cash, to pick up the missing pieces of our gear to set up later for Wives practice.

2. Ty and I set up the old practice space (now being occupied by another band) and spent the following 2 hours jamming Green Day songs together until the boys showed up.  Practice went quite smoothly. Like riding a bicycle. Afterwards, we packed up the trailer and prepped for our show with friends, AWOLNATION, the next day in Richmond, VA.

3. Shows with AWOL and Hot Water Music on the 16th, went very smoothly and Chris Stowe was stoked the whole night at the HWM show.  I drove the 2nd night shift after 2, and got us back to the Burgh in one piece. I was quite exhausted so I decided to stay in Pittburgh with Roger and crash out hard for the next few hours. Upon awaking, Rog informed me that he would be at work at his restaurant, Quiet Storm for the rest of the evening. There, I enjoyed a good hearty meal and a chocolate/peanut butter milkshake with my new friend, Marvin the dinosaur.

4. After spending most of the day at the Storm, I caught a bus down to the South Side to the Smiling Moose to reunite with my friends in Old Man Markley.  Their tour with The Aggrolites had just recently passed through Austin, TX so it was rad to see them again so soon across the country.  My buddy and washtub player to OMM, Joey, then concocted a plan to keep the hangs going.  The band’s next stop was in Newport, KY just across the river from Cincinnati, OH. I just so happened to have friends nearby the area and called them to see if they’d like to meet up at the show and return to Pittsburgh after the weekend.

5. The trip to Ohio with OMM was great. Despite getting pulled over for speeding and searched by drug dogs for being musicians, we made it with no one ending up in jail. After the show, I met up with my friend, Carrie, and we proceeded to take the party back to her home in Centerville.  The next evening, Carrie showed my around Dayton, OH and we hopped around bars catching some local acts in the scene including Rad Company (pictured) and The Professors. The bands were great and it was good to see small scenes supporting their local bands in force.

6. The day after the Dayton escapade was a long one.  Carrie and I awoke to some brutal hangovers and napped most of the day to recuperate and prep for our drive back to Pittsburgh.  One more fantastic meal provided by her carnivorous family, and we were off to meet up back at Roger’s house.  4.5 hours later, we arrived in the wee hours of the night to hear about Roger’s epic water battle party he had just returned from and made camp in his living room via FORT.  Turns out, building a fort is also like riding a bike. Once we got the hang of it, we managed to piece together a nice sturdy structure with what we had.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Yadda, yadda, yadda, and here I am back at Quiet Storm while Roger works sipping on another milkshake. All in all, this trip has been a fantastic one. Hopefully I can get to sleep early tonight for my bus ride to my plane that takes off at noon.

Big thanks to all of my friends: White Wives, Old Man Markley, AWOLNATION, Hot Water Music and Carrie & family for keeping the adventure alive.


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